Exfoliation does a lot for your skin: it makes it look younger, evens the skin tone, smoothes it, reduces the appearance of pore size, helps prevent acne breakouts, and makes it glow! But what effect does it have on makeup? Fantastic ones! If you exfoliate regularly, you'll be able to use much less makeup, it'll go on smoother and faster, and you'll save time and money. Moreover, a lot of women who exfoliate regularly tell me they no longer need to wear face makeup. So by exfoliating regularly you'll finally have a choice. Can you imagine waking up and running out without the bother or time of makeup, whether it's to grab coffee, get the kids onto the bus or just dashing off to work? And when you do want to apply makeup, it will and you will look even better. Just one more reason to exfoliate.  And now that the Spa Within is open, a facial once a month for a mere $75.00 would be magical for both your state of mind and your skin!


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