Having a spa in a hotel, shows us many heads that need hydrating. That’s because when you travel, you're out of your usual element, and many things are different, including the water. It may be harder or softer than you are accustomed to which can make lathering with your usual shampoo difficult or almost impossible. 
There are two solutions; first, and most importantly we recommend you drop by the Spa (3rd floor) and pick up a bottle of our hydrating shampoo, or speak with Lisa, our head Cosmetologist, for the shampoo that’s best for you. 
The second solution, albeit not necessarily elegant, is very simple. Take a small bar of Ivory soap with you when you travel, and if you encounter a shampoo lathering problem, first lather up your hair with the bar of Ivory for 10 to 15 seconds, rinse out, and then try your usual shampoo. I'll bet it lathers up better than ever!  We like our all natural product line, but we have given you two options!



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