As we start the summer, the sun's schizophrenic effects as both friend and foe must be respected or it's unforgiving energy will prematurely age your skin and can even eventually cause skin cancer. The shadow rule tells us that the sun's harmful burning UVB rays are most dangerous in midday. While seeking shade at that time can minimally reduce the danger to your skin (and eyes), even in the shade you need the same level of sunscreen protection as you do without. That's because so much of the UV (A and B) is reflected by sand, water and all light colored surfaces.

So don't be lulled into a false sense of security on sunny days just because you're in the shade. It's still real easy to get burned and damaged if you're not wearing and reapplying effective sunscreen. And as a bonus, don't forget your shades to protect your eyes and avoid premature crow’s feet resulting from squinting because of the brightness of the sun. 

At the Spa Within our sunscreens have been approved by the American Cancer Society.  Call us to have a bottle shipped to you!  Our number is 603-518-5547.


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