Happy first day of the Fall Season! Summer may be over but the sun's not! Sure, the UVB "burning" rays have lost their punch, but 95% of the harmful UV that beats up your skin is UVA, which is just as powerful and dangerous all year round, from sunup till sundown. UVA is what causes skin cancer and premature aging of your skin, like brown blotches and spots, red patches, and your favorite: wrinkles.

Even as the days get shorter, you still need to use your broad spectrum sunscreen every day. But the good news is that the shorter the days, the fewer number of times you need to reapply.  At the Spa Within we have five different kinds of sunscreen;  Protecting for normal to oily skin; Hydrator plus for dry or dehydrated skin; Perfecting for all skin types; Weightless for those with oily or breakout-prone skin and those who dislike the feel of traditional sunscreen products and Active, tested to protect for 80 minutes in water.


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