When you see either enlarged pores on your nose with tiny black dots in them, or actual blackheads, most people are highly motivated to "squeeze them out!" Wanting to get rid of them is certainly understandable. But there are real dangers in overly zealous and aggressive squeezing, especially on the nose which scars so easily  and doesn't heal nearly as well as other facial skin.

So if you must, which we don't recommend that you do, but if you do: Start in the shower, in order to steam your skin. At the beginning of the shower, wash your nose using our PCA Facial Wash oily/ problem, an oil removing cleanser.  At the end of the shower, after your skin has been steamed, message the affected area with our PCA Gentle Cleanser, (not a hard cleanser with  sharp crushed nut shells) and cleanse for no more than 15 - 20 seconds.  After rinsing, gently apply pressure to the area with the Q-tips  not your finger nails.

This type of DIY treatment isn't for everyone.  However, facials by one of our Master Estheticians are! So skip the DIY and have your nasal skin cleaned out by a professional at the Spa Within who most certainly will do a better job anyway! A deep-pore cleansing facial is $75.00.  Call the Spa at 603-518-5547 to schedule your appointment.


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