With the marathon of parties crowding your calendar from now until the confetti clears, you may barely have time to breathe, let alone oxygenate your skin or relax your tense muscles in anticipation of said festivities. But there is one way to keep the requisite primping from becoming a burden: lining up a few crucial spa appointments in advance can help you sail through the season without the usual pre-party panic or stress. Being prepared also means planning for the inevitable eleventh-hour emergency, be it a chipped nail, last-minute breakout, or painful stress knot. Our technicians are here to help! Our experienced massage therapists Tiffany, Ashley and Krystal are ready to relax your muscles and work out all the stress building up in your body as the holidays approach. Ready for a relaxed glow? At the Spa Within, we will guarantee that you stand out for all the right reasons.


 “Simple yet chic” is how our stylists Nicole and Alexa describe the vibe to strive for this season. It all starts with a good trim—nothing drastic—to eliminate any split ends that could derail the look of relaxed waves or an easy topknot. Book now, don’t wait! If hair is really fried, the standard trim may not cut it; get a deep-conditioning treatment, but avoid protein masks, which can lead to more breakage if overdone. If applicable, we also suggest scheduling a bang trim one week before a big event, to give hair that neat but not freshly cut feel. Should you find yourself with time to sneak in a glaze while you’re in the chair, do it—the added shine will go far in giving hair a healthy, high gloss appeal. Nicole and Alexa can’t wait to put the finishing touches on your ‘do.


About one week before your first big event, book a comprehensive facial with our estheticians Anne or Alana that will deliver lasting results. This is the moment to reduce fine lines, boost hydration, and make your skin glow. A Dermapolish, or epidermal leveling, is a manual skin resurfacing technique that removes the outmost layers of dead skin cells and immediately reveals the new, fresh, and glowing skin underneath, energizing the complexion for a good 21 days.  If your skin is congested or breaks out under pressure, our estheticians suggest starting the season with an acid peel instead to head off disaster before it’s too late.


If time is of the essence before the holiday rush, an abbreviated speed facial treatment can be especially effective.  At the Spa Within, we have a 25-minute express treatment to brighten skin, reduce puffiness and boost circulation. Our estheticians Anne and Alana understand how busy you can be, and want to accommodate your eventful schedule. Also on our menu are facials featuring anti-aging peels and deep-pore cleansing treatments. And for those last-second invites that demand immediate action, we have a ten-minute enzyme which involves prepping skin with a brisk cleaning, enzyme masks, and a layer of tinted moisturizer and eye cream to finish. Scribble on some liner, and you’re ready to go.


When you slip off your coat, make sure your skin looks as perfect as your plunge-neck jumpsuit or backless LBD. Using our Perfecting Neck & Décolleté product twice daily following cleansing will provide rapid results for smoother, younger looking skin.  It is specifically formulated for the delicate skin on the neck and chest.


The safest time to get waxed is five to seven days before an event, especially for the lip, which is most unpredictable. Don’t let that eggnog catch on an unsightly moustache! We also suggest that clients include a toe wax if exposing their feet with a glittering party sandal to look polished from head to heel.


High on the list of polarizing beauty trends is the gel manicure. Love it or hate it, its durability is undeniable. You can get two to three weeks out of one. If you time it right, it can carry you through most of your holiday events. If you prefer nail enhancements such as acrylics, gel polish wears like steel on top of acrylic nails! We recommend massaging on a cuticle oil twice a day to keep your nails looking hydrated and beautiful. Alexa, Catherine, Anne D. and Anne P. cannot wait to see you to perfect your nails this holiday season.


Feet tend to fare better than fingertips, especially in winter when they’re less exposed, so the pedicure you get this weekend should serve you well all month. Just don’t let cracked heels ruin a good thing. We have a medical line that will refresh tired, heavy legs and will provide care with select active substances addressing a variety of foot problems.

This concludes our Holiday Advice blog, but the tips don’t end here. Here at the Spa Within, we are dedicated to you. Give us a call at (603) 518-5547 and we would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

Pregnancy is a wonderful but a challenging time! And acne can make it even more challenging. You may have entered your pregnancy with existing acne breakouts. Or even more frustratingly, hormones may cause breakouts to re-occur or worsen. But the good news is that the same three avenues of acne treatment used outside of pregnancy – topical treatments, oral treatments, and facial acne cleanings – are still applicable… with some caveats.

If you have acne when you get pregnant, there’s a 50/50 chance it will get better, just from being pregnant. There’s also a 50/50 chance that due to your altered hormonal state, it will get even worse. And, if you don’t have acne, pregnancy may even cause it.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to predict who the lucky first group will be. However, if you’re in the second two groups, and you’re more apt to be in these groups if you often have a flare up at the start of your menstrual cycle, here are some tips to help you control your pregnancy acne.

Topical treatments that are generally considered safe in pregnancy are acne face washes and toners.  And of course at the Spa Within we have both.  We also have salicylic acid products. We recommend at home glycolic products throughout pregnancy as a whole face treatment to help prevent breakouts as well as a spot treatment for specific blemishes.

Cleaning out clogged pores and blemishes is also very helpful and need not be avoided in pregnancy. Whether done by us at the Spa Within or in a dermatology office, it results in faster resolution of pimples. Professional-strength glycolic treatments help to both prevent new breakouts and treat existing ones. And again we do glycolic treatments at the spa. 

As with most courses of acne treatment, it’s recommended to start with the simplest solutions and step up the treatment only if needed.

Pregnancy is a wonderful but challenging time. However, I can now say that being able to treat your breakouts with these techniques hopefully will make it just a little less challenging! Call the Spa and ask for Alana or Anne for your facial treatment.
When you see either enlarged pores on your nose with tiny black dots in them, or actual blackheads, most people are highly motivated to "squeeze them out!" Wanting to get rid of them is certainly understandable. But there are real dangers in overly zealous and aggressive squeezing, especially on the nose which scars so easily  and doesn't heal nearly as well as other facial skin.

So if you must, which we don't recommend that you do, but if you do: Start in the shower, in order to steam your skin. At the beginning of the shower, wash your nose using our PCA Facial Wash oily/ problem, an oil removing cleanser.  At the end of the shower, after your skin has been steamed, message the affected area with our PCA Gentle Cleanser, (not a hard cleanser with  sharp crushed nut shells) and cleanse for no more than 15 - 20 seconds.  After rinsing, gently apply pressure to the area with the Q-tips  not your finger nails.

This type of DIY treatment isn't for everyone.  However, facials by one of our Master Estheticians are! So skip the DIY and have your nasal skin cleaned out by a professional at the Spa Within who most certainly will do a better job anyway! A deep-pore cleansing facial is $75.00.  Call the Spa at 603-518-5547 to schedule your appointment.
Everyone loses some scalp hairs every day. That's normal and usually not very noticeable. But there's a frightening form of very rapid hair loss that causes 30%, or even up to 50% of your hair to shed in just a few weeks. It's called Telogen effluvium. And today, with the help of Dr. Neal Schultz, M.D., we'll tell you why it occurs and what you can do.

Most people normally lose 100 to 150 scalp hairs daily. But even if you see some of those hairs in the shower drain, the good news is your hair isn't thinning because you grow the same number of new hairs as you lose, every day, maintaining the status quo.

But very rapid frightening hair loss resulting in visible thinning of your scalp hair occurs in a condition called Telegen Effluvium. It results from a resetting of the scalp hair growth cycle. In this case, instead of 5 to 15% of the hair follicles being in the resting phase... and it's the hairs in the resting phase that normally shed... instead of 5 to 15%, 30 to 40, or even 50% of the follicles enter the resting phase at the same time. As a result, all of those hairs are shed synchronously 2 to 3 months later causing massive, rapid hair loss.

But don't despair! The follicles aren't damaged. They're just sleeping. And just as 30 to 50% went to sleep at the same time, that same 30 to 50% will wake up and start re-growing at the same time as well. So 6 to 8 months later, there won't be any net hair loss. All the fallen hairs will have regrown! Of course, this takes patience and faith! And at the Spa Within we often recommend using our natural color line -All- Nutrients Professional Line and/or one of our shampoo lines - Nixion Shampoo for both women and men during that time, just to help the regrowth.

One of the the most common cause of Telegen Effluvium is childbirth... in which case it's called postpartum alopecia. So predictably in the 3rd or 4th month after giving birth, many women experience this frightening but temporary hair loss. However, with our clientele being an older demographic other causes include high fevers, any surgery involving general anesthesia, very rapid weight loss from severe calorie restriction from a crash diet, emotional disorders, and severe stress.

Telogen effluvium can affect hair on all parts of the body, but, generally, only the loss of scalp hair is symptomatic or clinically noticeable.

If you experience significant and rapid hair loss 3 to 4 months after one of the causes just mentioned, please come in to the Spa Within and have a consultation with Robyn, Jen, or Anne.  For reassurance, see your dermatologist.

And for the brave of heart, just keep the faith!

Losing any hairs is scary. Sudden, significant hair loss is frightening. But the good news is that many causes of sudden, significant hair loss can be very easily remedied. We look forward to seeing you in the Spa Within.

We have the answer for you.

Our foot peel can be done alone or paired with a pedicure. Call the Spa Within at 603-518-5547 and stop being afraid to show off your feet. We recommend having this treatment during the winter months when your feet are in covered shoes.

Let me remind you that over the next couple of weeks in colder, drier weather our skin is subject to drying, which often appears as flakes on your face. However, when you see flaking next to the nose, between or in the eyebrows, that flaking is usually a manifestation of mild dandruff, but because of colder, drier temperatures, people automatically assume their problem is dry skin.

Moisturizers won’t help these areas, but instead once a week you can come into the Spa Within for an enzyme treatment, which will take about 15 minutes and this treatment will hold this dry skin in check. The enzyme works by causing the skin to shed dead cells from its top layer and slow down the growth of skin cells. This effect decreases scaling and dryness.
Happy first day of the Fall Season! Summer may be over but the sun's not! Sure, the UVB "burning" rays have lost their punch, but 95% of the harmful UV that beats up your skin is UVA, which is just as powerful and dangerous all year round, from sunup till sundown. UVA is what causes skin cancer and premature aging of your skin, like brown blotches and spots, red patches, and your favorite: wrinkles.

Even as the days get shorter, you still need to use your broad spectrum sunscreen every day. But the good news is that the shorter the days, the fewer number of times you need to reapply.  At the Spa Within we have five different kinds of sunscreen;  Protecting for normal to oily skin; Hydrator plus for dry or dehydrated skin; Perfecting for all skin types; Weightless for those with oily or breakout-prone skin and those who dislike the feel of traditional sunscreen products and Active, tested to protect for 80 minutes in water.
Even the most diligent SPF-wearers among us have some unprotected summer sun moments. And come fall we pay the price with redness, brown spots, fine lines and moisture loss. It’s time to book an appointment for one of the Spa Within’s favorite peels – our Sensi-peel! It has the most brighteners out of any other PCA Skin chemical peel.  Don’t be fooled by the name, Sensi doesn’t just stand for sensitive, it treats acne, hyperpigmentation and visible signs of aging.  We use it on all skin types as it is an exceptional choice for even ethnic skin.   Rosacea clients it’s even perfect for you.  Try a Sensi-peel and we’ll have you glowing in time for the holidays.  Take a look at the before and after pictures.  These pictures are untouched.  Call us at 603-518-5547.
Having a spa in a hotel, shows us many heads that need hydrating. That’s because when you travel, you're out of your usual element, and many things are different, including the water. It may be harder or softer than you are accustomed to which can make lathering with your usual shampoo difficult or almost impossible. 
There are two solutions; first, and most importantly we recommend you drop by the Spa (3rd floor) and pick up a bottle of our hydrating shampoo, or speak with Lisa, our head Cosmetologist, for the shampoo that’s best for you. 
The second solution, albeit not necessarily elegant, is very simple. Take a small bar of Ivory soap with you when you travel, and if you encounter a shampoo lathering problem, first lather up your hair with the bar of Ivory for 10 to 15 seconds, rinse out, and then try your usual shampoo. I'll bet it lathers up better than ever!  We like our all natural product line, but we have given you two options!